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Platin Kimya Müm. Ve Dış Tic. Ltd. Şti.

"Our target is to offer the best ..." Since its foundation in 1999, growing with an increasing acceleration, PLATİN KİMYA is one of the companies that has become a producer rather than importing in the agriculture sector which is not only the future but also the future. The goal of the company is to produce all the brands in the highest quality way and then to offer them to the service of Turkish after World Transport. For this purpose, Platin Kimya, which has been established in ANTALYA Organized Industrial Zone, which is the center of Turkish Agriculture, has installed capacity of approximately 7000 tons of powder and 5000 tons of liquid fertilizer per year. It keeps the unit production cost at optimum level. With the aim of providing high quality and new products to Turkish farmers with close to 2000 dealers, the production of insecticide-fungicide liquid production, insecticide-fungicide powder, insecticide-fungicide powder, insecticide SC and herbicide SC drugs . PLATİN KİMYA was awarded by OSİAD for 2010-2011 / 2011-2013 Organized Industrial Zone because it is in the top 10 in the companies that are paying the HIGHEST CORPORATIONS TAX, THE HIGHEST SALES ARRIVAL and THE HIGHEST HIGHEST EXPORT. In addition, the Quality Control Laboratory, which is managed by our experienced and diligent experts, serves not only by ensuring product quality but also by R & D activities. PLATINUM CHEMISTRY One of the most important parts of the agrochemical and fertilizer production facility, the laboratory is equipped with the newest and most modern devices.