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Yol Makina Ve Yapı Sanayi Mümessillik Iç Ve Dış Ticaret Ve Ta

Yol Makina began its activities in 1922, Since 2005, high-tech equipment used in developed countries for horizontal marking equipment to present itself as the main strategy adopted to Turkey market. In this context, Yol Makina produces road marking machines and airless type paint pumps under the Signum brand registered by Turkish Patent Institute. In addition, the medium and large capacity thermoplastic, cold paint and double component application option road line machines produced by the Danish company Borum Industri A / S; Kamber S.A., a Swiss company that maximizes the performance of road marking machines mounted on the truck. the paint and bead guns produced by Turkey holds the distributorship. Way systems also in Sweden, high abrasion and impact applications requiring strength, a hot rolled plates and profiles as boron alloy mouth and wear blades used in the machines produced by hardened steel; thermal Swedox Turkey market 500 brand


Machinery Industry