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Yörükoğlu Süt Ve Ürünleri San. Tic. A. Ş

'The Natural Process of Taste' 'YÖRÜKOĞLU SÜT who entered the sector in 1976; Since 1996, in the modern facilities of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, it is the biggest milk and dairy products producer of the Mediterranean with a daily production capacity of 600 tons. The company has adopted the principle of producing high-quality products in both dairy and dairy products, and is committed to offering products in hygienic and safe packaging while pasteurizing to protect the nutritional properties of the products. Yörükoğlu, which has a wide product range from milk to yoghurt, cheese to fruit juice, closely follows the developments and technology in the sector. By modernizing the technology it uses, to ensure quality in all areas of production and service, hygienic conditions, quality milk and milk products produced in accordance with the environment and the most accurate natural conditions to customers to adopt. Yörükoğlu Milk; in the Food Industry with its highly qualified team, contemporary infrastructure, innovative original practices and academic studies; 'Turkey is a model and brand' services with the honor of being beyond the borders aims to offer its customers