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Fire Department and DAMT (Natural Disaster Response Team)

Our fire brigade consisting of 13 fully-equipped fire trucks and complete equipment is available 24 hours a day. Our fire brigade, except fire intervention; Fire Training and Exercise, Firefighting Compliance Report, water supply, working at height. DAMT (Natural Disaster Response Team) team, which has 15 employees and operates on a voluntary basis; electrical high engineer, mechanical engineer, environmental engineer and map engineer, as well as natural gas, machinery and plumbing technicians. First time, T.C. Antalya Governorship by the Directorate of Disaster and Emergency; Training was given on FIRE, EARTHQUAKE, ENVIRONMENT, TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS, SEL-WATER PRESSES (WATER TREATMENT & RESCUE) and ÇİĞ. Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Çetin Osman BUDAK, Mr. İlhan METİN, the Regional Manager of the Organized Industry, all the equipment and equipment needs of this team have been eliminated. The team has been fully equipped. The team consists of 7 people under 20 persons underwater search and rescue; As a result of heavy training lasting one year, it reached 3 star diver and frog man level. Within the structure of DAMT; 1 fully equipped off-road vehicle, 1 zodiac boat, fully equipped equipment for 7-person diving team, debris and traffic accident intervention equipment are available. 24 hours ready-to-be trained fire department and search & rescue team; he also takes part in social responsibility projects and conducts periodic exercises. Konyaalti coast has undertook the activities of submerging the dornier type aircraft for the purpose of underwater cleaning, natural reef formation, and the Kırkgöz water basin base survey (water analysis), and intensive warm weather, and the release of water for the nature of wild animals. in spite of everything he knows that each mission is given after a disaster, he will not be required to appear on duty.