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The training campaign initiated by the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate has provided both industrial and material benefits to the regional industrialists and staff. While 6564 certificates were distributed in 183 education programs held so far, it was analyzed that these trainings provided 2 million 490 thousand Turkish lira to the regional industrialist.

The education campaign launched by Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate in 2015 made significant contributions to the region's industrialists and personnel. It has been analyzed that the multiplier effective total input savings of 183 educational programs to date is 2 million 490 thousand TL. A total of 6564 training certificates were distributed at the end of the trainings. At the end of each training, the Regional Directorate measured the satisfaction level of the participants by means of questionnaires and achieved a success of 94 percent.


Fifty-two training consultancy firms served in the training programs, strengthening the phenomenon of communication, the participants' requests and suggestions to the authorities as a one-to-one opportunity. In addition, joint problems of regional firms were discussed during the training practices and solutions were offered by expert trainers.


Transfer of the contents of the education determined by the industrialists of the Region, Antalya OSB Chairman Ali Bahar, what kind of education for our industrialists want what kind of education, we first identified it. We conducted surveys and prepared training programs to respond to the demands of our industrialists and employees in the light of the data obtained from these surveys. We know that success passes through knowledge and correct use of information, we take our steps in this direction. Because now we are in a period where the mind is more valuable than sweat. It is vital for our industry, our economy and our future that we plan our human assets rationally. . We will continue to provide the necessary support to education in order not to be deprived of the contributions of the teams who have the right information and who can use the information correctly, both in the sector and in the national economy.