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Antalya OSB's first library named "Our Library" was opened.

The first library of Antalya Organized Industrial Zone was established. The library established within the administrative service building by the Regional Directorate was called kurulan Our Library Bölge. Nearly a thousand books were collected for the library, including the regional industrialists and the books donated by the employees of the Company and the Regional Directorate.


Noting that the library is a social responsibility project, Ali Bahar, Chairman of the Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, said, Antalya We are in an era where knowledge is dominant. Nowadays, those who produce the information, who owns it and know how to use it, live as people with high welfare or nations. It is imperative for everyone to know that, with this fact, for individual development and lifelong learning. Our library, which is a reflection of this necessity, was established with a growing and growing understanding.


Stating that books, science and culture are very important sources that convey people and future, President Bahar said: Books strengthen the way people view life and events and increase their reasoning skills. Most importantly, it increases the imagination. It is not possible for people who have no imagination to be a good entrepreneur, to create new products, to be successful in the field of R & D and innovation. All the products that make our lives easier these days and all the brands that reached the market value of millions of dollars with these attempts were a dream at first. They reached this power by kneading their dreams with knowledge. In summary, the book touches, touches life, people and the future. 


Stating that the regional library will be an important instrument for the increase of this awareness and that it will grow and grow every day, Bahar said, bir The book donation period is not finished and will not end in any time. Anyone can always donate books to our library. The more we donate, the greater the treasury of knowledge and the quality and quantity of the resource we create for our employees. Employees of our Region can benefit from our library and get the books they want. On this occasion, I would like to thank all of our regional employees for the donation of books and thank all the industrialists and employees who donated books.