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Antalya OSB Board of Directors, within the framework of the procurement committee program carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry of Tabriz, Tabriz and Isfahan'ın 30 leading business people in the region, industrialists and face-to-face interviews with industrialists.

Antalya Organized Industrial Zone Directorate added to Iran's Procurement Mission Programs launched by India to create new export markets for regional industrialists. A delegation of 30 people, consisting of representatives of the leading companies of the country with the cooperation of the Ministry of Industry and Industry of Iran in Tabriz province, hosted a delegation in Antalya OIZ for 4 days, and provided face-to-face interviews with Iranian business people and regional industrialists. As a result of the 2-day meetings, a total of 268 meetings were held between the regional industrialists and Iranian business people. The delegation also had the opportunity to examine the production processes of the products they were interested in by visiting the company.


Stating that the first two stages of the procurement delegation program was completed, Antalya OSB President Ali Bahar said, tamam Our first meeting with Iranian officials took place in June. We started a comprehensive study to examine all our companies and the products they produce together and to match them with the right companies. Following the implementation of point-to-point mappings, the delegation came to our region in order to get to know our companies, to examine the products and to sign new collaborations. They were our guests for 4 days and during this time they had a total of 268 face-to-face meetings with our industrialists.


Transmitting the talks was very fruitful Spring, "The delegation left the region before the point came hand in hand with our 24 companies. After their evaluation, they believe that this number will increase exponentially. The transformation of our organization into exports in such a short time is promising and pleasing in every respect.


Emphasizing that the contacts will not be limited to this, Bahar said, Temas We have a friendship-based relationship with the Iranian authorities. This structure we have created will not be limited to what has been done here. In the coming days, we will go to Tabriz and start the third phase of the program together with the Antalya Industrialists' Association in the special invitation of the Ministry of Industry of Tabriz. We will work there with more companies and we will work hard to create new export markets for our industrialists. Iran has full confidence in our companies and products and we have a great interest in our brands in the country. This is the best way to evaluate the potential of both industrialists and our country's economy is to provide more contribution to the national economy is our biggest goal, değerlendir he said.


Mehdi Amini, the board member of Tabriz Ministry of Industry, who is chairing the delegation, said that Tabriz is one of the most important cities of the world with its rich resources and labor force. Amini said,. We are ready for all kinds of import, export and investment business. Thank you for hosting this beautiful organization and sample. God willing, we will do the same organizations in Iran and we will host you in our country.