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Antalya OSB Technology Development Zone, which will manage all the processes of the joint-stock company has been completed.

An important step was taken in the Technology Development Zone to be established by Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. The establishment of the joint-stock company which will manage all the processes of the Technology Development Zone was completed and started its activities. Antalya OSB, Akdeniz University, Antalya Science University, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Youth Organized Industry Association was established in partnership with the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Antalya OSB President Ali Spring, Vice-President of Antalya Science University Rector. Dr. İsmail Yüksek and Region industrialist Hakkı Ergin Civan was elected. 8 members from the Antalya OSB, 2 from the Antalya University, 1 from the Akdeniz University, 1 from the Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry and 1 from the Young Organized Industrial Association took part in the board of 13 members.


First of all, with the strategic plan they will prepare, the company, which will determine the 5-year road map of Antalya OIZ Technology Development Zone, will link the acceptance processes and operation of the companies to be included in the Region with a directive to a standard. All of the processes will be carried out by the committees in which the members of the board of directors will take office. The Board of Directors will also set up a Science and Advisory Board to include academicians and plan together with academics specialized in the processes related to the scientific infrastructure and commercialization of the Region. It is foreseen that the construction of the Technology Development Zone, whose architecture works at a great pace, will be completed by the end of 2019.


Stating that universities will add a significant amount of torque to the ecosystem, Chairman Bahar said, m The establishment of an incorporated company was an important stage for our Technology Development Zone to start its activities. The most important guarantee of our goal is to create a management board that works for the future of our region and our participants and creates an added value for the economy of the country, and that creates great effort and speaks the same language. While 8 members coming from the sector constitute an important source for the right approach to the problems, the fact that ATSO is included in this ecosystem connects all the rings of the chain together. Our universities will provide significant torque to this process with their knowledge. 


Emphasizing that the owner of the building is young, Bahar said, ın It is very important for us that the young OSD is included in this structure. We will leave all the tasks and jobs we continue to them in the near future. Shaping the trust that we will leave in line with their vision and expectations is the key to reaching the future more strongly. I would like to thank all our stakeholders who have contributed and contributed to our Technology Development Zone, which we believe will bring significant benefits to our region and city. I would like to bring to our Antalya and our region, '' he said.